DHL Parcel now offers parcel shipping within Switzerland

DHL is in the process of developing its own parcel network in Switzerland. The newly formed company DHL Parcel (Switzerland) AG is focusing on the dispatch of parcels within Switzerland. Thanks to a close network of DHL ServicePoints, which has been set up with local partners, DHL Parcel can offer its parcel services on consumer-friendly terms.

Digitalization is creating new needs, with the growth in online commerce, in particular, offering enormous potential. The e-commerce market is thus giving rise to great growth opportunities for online retailers. A key factor for sustainable success in e-commerce is customer satisfaction in parcel shipping. As of now, DHL Parcel is supporting all commercial and private shipping customers in Switzerland with a future-oriented and tailor-made logistics service - one that offers customer-friendly opening hours at DHL ServicePoints, short delivery times, Saturday delivery and ease of handling. Swiss-based companies can pass on this added value to their customers and benefit themselves from attractive conditions.

"An essential part of our strategy is to be represented in the key European markets," explains Achim Dünnwald, CEO DHL Parcel Europe. "Market entry into Switzerland is another important milestone in this respect. A total of 27 countries (including Switzerland) now belong to the DHL Parcel Europe network."

Günter Birnstingl, CEO DHL Parcel (Switzerland) AG, adds: "We would like to offer our customers in Switzerland a modern and forward-looking logistics service that meets not only the requirements of parcel shipping but also the wishes of the end customer. This includes the launch of innovative services - such as standard evening and Saturday delivery - with extended opening hours and a comprehensive package at an attractive price."

DHL Parcel's service portfolio in detail:

Fast shipping: Parcels posted for dispatch from Monday to Friday are delivered on the next working day as standard, including Saturday (initially in the greater Zurich area). The only exception is parcels that are dispatched on Saturday; these will be delivered the following Tuesday.
Convenient delivery times: For market entry, parcels will be delivered in Zurich by 8:00 pm. This service will be extended to other cities on an ongoing basis.
Maximum security: Parcels are delivered to the recipient's front door. They are only handed over in person and must be signed for. Delivery tracking and notification is provided via SMS or pre-alert.
Enhanced service: If the recipient is not able to accept the parcel, it will be deposited at the nearest DHL ServicePoint.
Ease of handling: Outgoing parcels can be franked at home and then simply and conveniently posted at the nearest DHL ServicePoint.
Transparent pricing structure: Shipping costs are non-weight-based and depend solely on the external dimensions. To determine the rate, the dimensions of the shortest and longest side of the parcel are added together and assigned to one of the four rate classes from S to XL.
DHL ServicePoints:

Instead of having its own outlets, the company works with local partners to set up DHL ServicePoints at existing points of sale. The partner companies are required to meet a range of quality criteria before they can act as dispatch and delivery points. In addition, their employees receive ongoing training. The type of partner companies varies from gas stations and pharmacies to retailers, allowing DHL ServicePoints to offer attractive advantages for senders and recipients, such as short distances and long opening hours. At present, there are approximately 400 DHL ServicePoints available and the network of these DHL ServicePoints is to be constantly expanded based on geographical criteria. There are plans to have approximately 750 DHL ServicePoints by the end of 2018 and approximately 1,000 by the end of 2019.

For parcel delivery, DHL Parcel (Switzerland) AG relies on its own service partners. For both domestic and international parcels it also works with its sister company DHL Express (Schweiz) AG, which has been operating in Switzerland since 1978.


Twill, a digital freight forwarder designed to make shipping simple, today announced a change in its brand affiliation from 'Damco' to 'Maersk'. Launched in April 2017, Twill was created as a 'Damco innovation' and operated as a partner with the freight forwarder and supply chain management company, which is part of A.P. Moller - Maersk. The realigning of the brand will make it possible to offer Twill to all Maersk customers, in line with the A.P. Moller - Maersk strategy to become a global integrator of container logistics offering end-to-end solutions.

The easy-to-use online Twill platform provides greater control of shipments by offering instant price quotes and booking, transparency and tracking services, simplified paperwork and proactive customer care.

"The Twill mission is to make shipping simple - as easy as booking airline tickets, a taxi or hotel - and we are just at the beginning of an exciting journey. To reach that vision it is critical for us to reach a wider market. The Maersk brand is highly recognized and leveraging that awareness will be of significant strategic advantage to us," said Troels Stovring, CEO of Twill.

Vincent Clerc, CCO of Maersk, added: "Maersk is becoming an integrated company, delivering best-in-class services across customers' entire value chain. With Twill we are offering small and medium sized companies a simple and easy way of shipping their goods, providing them better control of their supply chains. We are excited to now be able to offer this service to customers across the Maersk business."

A.P. Moller - Maersk has more than 114 years of history in global markets. Its scale will bring new opportunities to Twill; Twill will bring online innovation and simplicity to existing Maersk customers.

As of today, the Twill logo will be updated to position the brand as "a Maersk Innovation". All shipping currently handled through Twill will continue to be operated by Damco.
Twill is a multi-carrier platform that will continue to freely choose between ocean carriers to provide customers with the best and most relevant solution besides its affiliation with Maersk, Twill and Damco.


3台(自律移動型 1台+追従型 2台)で、無人隊列搬送を実現


株式会社ZMP(本社:東京都文京区、代表取締役社長:谷口恒、以下 ZMP)は、物流支援ロボット「CarriRo(キャリロ)」自律移動モデル1台、追従モデル2台にて最初の試験運用に最適な組み合わせをパッケージとして5年リース月額10万円にて提供開始します(通常価格月額10万8千円)。






【特別価格】 CarriRoエントリーパッケージ 5年リース 月額10万円(税別)/ 合計3台

※通常価格CarriRo 自律移動モデル 5年リース 月額52,000円(税別) / 1台
※通常価格CarriRo 2018年モデル(追従機能) 5年リース 月額28,000円(税別) /1台

大きさ:幅61cm×奥行91cm×高さ24cm ※ハンドル部96cm
牽引力:250N (300kg相当) ※路面状況や台車の状況によります。
稼働時間:8時間 ※稼働状況によって異なる可能性があります

Kuehne + Nagel establishes one European region

In order to further increase the growth momentum, Kuehne + Nagel will establish an integrated region Europe as of January 1, 2019.

Under the roof of the region Europe with its head office in Hamburg, Kuehne + Nagel will consolidate the management for all European countries. Dr. Hansjörg Rodi, who has been responsible for the Central and Eastern European region and Managing Director for Germany since October 2016, will lead the region Europe.

The responsibility for running the German organisation will be handed over to Mr. Holger Ketz, currently head of airfreight in the Central and Eastern European region. The whole management for Germany will be located in Bremen as of January 1, 2019.

Dr. Detlef Trefzger, CEO Kuehne + Nagel International AG: “The formation of a European Region is an important step in the development of the whole Kuehne + Nagel Group, enabling us to manage our business even more efficiently and customer-oriented. Furthermore, we are pleased that Kuehne + Nagel Germany will have its future head office in Bremen, where Kuehne + Nagel was founded in 1890.”


株式会社NTTデータ(本社:東京都江東区、代表取締役社長:本間 洋、以下:NTTデータ)は、2018年7月に国立研究開発法人新エネルギー・産業技術総合開発機構(以下:NEDO)が実施する「IoTを活用した新産業モデル創出基盤整備事業」の一環である「IoT技術を活用した新たなサプライチェーン情報共有システムの開発」の委託先に選定されました。




GROUND株式会社(本社:東京都江東区、代表取締役 CEO:宮田 啓友、以下「GROUND」)は、2018年8月23日(木)、中国の大手ロボット企業HIT ROBOT GROUP 社(本社:中国哈爾濱(ハルビン)市、代表取締役社長:Wang Meng、以下「HRG」)と協業し、「一帯一路」構想の実現を視野に、主要都市をつなぐ次世代型物流プラットフォームの構築を目指し、新たな物流ソリューションテクノロジーの共同実証を行います。
GROUNDが物流業界に対してグローバルに提唱・推進する『Intelligent Logistics®※』においては、核となるテクノロジーとしてロボットとAIが位置付けられています。最先端のロボットを活用したオペレーションに加え、在庫・リソースなどのデータをAI物流ソフトウェア『DyAS(ディアス)®※』が分析・解析することで、物流オペレーションの最適化を実現します。
本協業では、この『Intelligent Logistics®』を実現する次世代型の物流施設『Intelligent Logistics Center(インテリジェント ロジスティクス センター)®※』を支える物流プラットフォームの構築と、ロボットやAIに代表される物流ソリューションテクノロジーの共同実証を行います。両社が構築を目指す物流プラットフォームでは、さまざまな物流データが蓄積・活用されることにより、ロボットによる自動化・高速化や、AIによる適正化・ルール化が可能となります。企業間のみならず物流施設間においても様々なデータの連携が行われることにより、ソフトウェアとハードウェアのシェアリングを実現するサービスモデルとなる予定です。

HRGは、2014年12月、中国黒竜江省州政府、哈爾濱(ハルビン)地方自治体と 哈爾濱(ハルビン)工業大学のジョイントベンチャーとして設立された、世界が注目するロボティクスカンパニーです。同社が有するロボットに関する技術特許数は、現在800以上にものぼります。

■ 中国HIT ROBOT GROUP 社について(


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