Deutsche Post DHL Group's Disaster Response Team ends first deployment in Africa having processed nearly 800 tonnes of cargo

Three teams of 12 volunteers processed cargo from approximately 50 aircraft over 20 days at Beira Airport to support relief efforts in the wake of Cyclone Idai

Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group, the world's leading mail and logistics services provider, has ended its first Disaster Response Team (DRT) deployment in Africa. On Friday April 12, 2019 the last DRT members moved out of Beira, where cyclone Idai the month before damaged over 700,000 hectares of crops, and destroyed close to 200,000 homes.1 The team, in its time there, moved nearly 800 tonnes of incoming humanitarian aid from approximately 50 aircraft for further distribution to those displaced and affected by this natural disaster.

DPDHL Group's DRT was deployed at Beira Airport between March 24 and April 12, 2019 at the request of the United Nations. 12 DHL volunteers from Mozambique, South Africa and United Arab Emirates worked in rotation across three teams. Over the course of nearly three weeks, the volunteers handled incoming relief goods and coordinated incoming humanitarian aid for the United Nations and international relief organizations.

Chris Weeks, Director for Humanitarian Affairs at Deutsche Post DHL Group who headed up the deployment said, "This particular deployment was groundbreaking for us in that it was our first mission to Africa. The challenges however were familiar and within the first few days of arriving the DRT firmly established its coordination expertise in the supply chain of incoming humanitarian aid." He continued, "All too often the sudden influx of relief aid to an airport creates bottlenecks and aid is unable to get out in a timely manner. This was precisely the scenario the team was trying to avoid and able to do so successfully."

During their time in Mozambique, the DRT acted as a liaison between the Beira Airport Authorities (ADM) and the large humanitarian community who occupied a vast area at the airport. The team supported international relief organizations such as IFRC, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, ASB, WFP, USAid and UKAid, and assisted with handling equipment, driving forklifts and high-loaders, and ensuring there was no build-up of incoming shipments.

"Over 80 partners including the Government of Mozambique, NGOs, UN agencies and Red Cross teams are taking part in the humanitarian response following Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical cyclones ever to hit Africa and the southern hemisphere. The logistics expertise of Deutsche Post DHL Group's DRT complemented the relief efforts from all these different partners at Beira Airport. We are grateful to the DHL volunteers who worked tirelessly alongside the humanitarian community to help move relief items efficiently in order for those affected to receive help as quickly as possible", explains Stephen Cahill, Global Logistics Cluster Coordinator at United Nations World Food Programme.

About the Disaster Response Team

The DRTs are part of DPDHL Group's GoHelp disaster management program, which it has operated in partnership with the United Nations (UN) since 2005. Through this partnership, the Group provides the UN and national disaster management agencies with pro bono access to its core logistics expertise, and the logistics skills of more than 500 specially-trained employee volunteers worldwide who can deploy within 72 hours after a natural disaster.

Since the partnership was launched, the DRTs have completed more than 40 deployments for different natural disasters in over 20 countries - most recently the team helped the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Indonesia in October 2018.

In addition to the DRT deployments, the Group's Get Airports Ready for Disaster (GARD) initiative - also part of the GoHelp program - trains airport management in high-risk regions to be better prepared should disaster strike.

GROUND、インドMahindra Ecole Centrale大学との共同研究で、AI半導体FPGAの物流分野における応用に挑戦

日本のLogiTech®※2をリードするGROUND株式会社(本社:東京都江東区、代表取締役 CEO:宮田 啓友、以下「GROUND」)は、2019年3月27日(水)、インドMahindra Ecole Centrale大学(所在地:インド テランガーナ州、学長:Dr. Yajulu Medury、以下「MEC」)との協業に関する基本合意契約を締結したことをお知らせします。これに伴い、GROUNDが自社開発を進めるAI物流ソフトウェア『Dynamic Allocation System®(ダイナミック・アロケーション・システム)※2』(以下『DyAS®(ディアス)※2』)の開発を加速させることを目的に、両者は近年AI半導体として注目を集めるField Programmable Gate Array※1(以下、「FPGA」)に関する共同研究を実施します。



国土交通省 自治体向けに災害支援物資輸送のためのハンドブック策定




■ 協定締結の目的


■ 協定の内容


■ 防災に関するその他の取り組み



 公募期間 12月22日(金)まで(助成枠に達するまで)
 助成率 助成対象経費の1/2以内
助成限度額 1,500万円(30万円を下限)

国土交通政策研究所 「広域災害発生時におけるモード横断的な貨物輸送に関する調査研究」

本調査研究では、内閣府による南海トラフ巨大地震発生時の被害想定に基づき、日本全国の物流ネットワーク・拠点の被災評価を行い、道路・鉄道・航路の 3 モードを考慮した地域間における貨物輸送シミュレーションを実施、中間報告として公表しました。


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